I Won the Lee and Low New Voices Competition!

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Yah! It's finally Rita's turn.

Yah! It’s finally my turn.

Hi Everybody,
Passing through with some WONDERFUL news. I have been named Lee and Low Publishers’ 2012 New Voices Award winner!

It’s true! After years of alerting my fellow writers about various writing competitions, including Lee and Low’s annual New Voices Award Competition, it’s finally my turn. I won!

Here’s the link to the official announcement: http://www.leeandlow.com/p/new_voices_award.mhtml

Here’s how it went. As always, I had my eye on the competition so I could pass the word on to other aspiring writers out there, and I posted the alert HERE. Then I subbed my story in June and moved on to my next writing project.

Six months later on December 20, I had just opened a bag of Fritos (my favorite!) which I handled most gingerly so as not to spill the precious corn chips. 😀 I was about to shove my hand inside and come out with a fistful of chips when…my telephone rang.

I gazed coolly at the caller ID then did a double-take, because I saw the amazing name of LEE & LOW on the display! I don’t know what happened after that, but suddenly the world was raining down Fritos. They landed all over my bed, my floor and my dresser top! There were even a few in my hallway, which means I must have run down the hallway and back in a fit of ecstasy.

When I answered, a very nice lady who shall remain nameless informed me that she was looking for Rita Hubbard, then proceeded to congratulate me on the win.


I have to tell you all, there’s no better feeling than finally accomplishing something you’ve been working toward for ages. Yes, I have been published before; I have an adult historical reference book called African Americans of Chattanooga, and this year, my Rosen Publishing title called Getting a Job in The Food Industry will be released. I’ve also had five historical articles published in an encyclopedic reference book and anthology.

But…children’s books are my first love!

So when I realized that it truly was Lee and Low Book Publishers on the line, I spaced completely out. The moment the nice lady told me I won, I said, “Okay, ‘bye!”

Thank God she stopped me from hanging up. She said, “Wait, wait–I need to get more information from you.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

And so, my writing friends, I am proof positive that good things really do come to those who wait. And wait. And wait. LOL!
Hope you’ll celebrate with me!

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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