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  • Where have I been...I've been in isolation, writing my head off!
  • I now have four educational titles under my belt, and one African American History nonfiction pictorial,.
  • I also have two historical fiction picture books that are COMING SOON.
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Character-Driven vs. Event-Driven

Character-Driven vs. Event-Driven

Hi Everybody, It has been awhile since I posted, so I hope everyone’s doing fine. I’ve been working hard on a biography picture book that’s very close to my heart, yet though it’s less than 4,000 words in length, it’s one of the most difficult pieces I’ve written lately. Read more

Freebies for the Serious Writer

Hi Everybody, Hope you don’t mind me interrupting your creative process to bring you some good news! Are you struggling to write the perfect query for your novel? If so, don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity! Read more

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