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Not so many years ago, writing was an isolating and rather depressing process. It involved (at least for me) hours and hours of solitary, eye-squinting, hermit-like activities. But no longer. The internet and the almighty blog has changed all that. Now writers can find kindred spirits; we can network with others who share the gift of the pen, and we need never be alone again.

That being said, I’m so glad you stopped by. Here’s a little about me: I’ve written many books, both for adults and young readers. A few of my works are published, but some still need homes.

I am a former special education teacher of eleven years with a MS in School Psychology. I have two sons who each hold degrees in Media Arts and Animation, and they illustrate much of my written work.

In 2008, I celebrated the release of my first trade book, AFRICAN AMERICANS OF CHATTANOOGA: A HISTORY OF UNSUNG HEROES (The History Press). To my delight, it was recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution in March, 2008. To order, click here.

Rita Lorraine Hubbard, Grant Recipient, Innerlit Moon Finalist, Get-It-In-Writing Press In April, 2009, I was one of five First Place winners in the Knol for Dummies.com Contest. My article, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Getting a Grant (But Were Afraid to Ask), has received good reviews. Click here to read

In 2007, one of my unpublished adult historicals won 3rd Place in the Innerlit Moon Best First Chapter contest, sponsored by outstanding author Brian Agincourt Massey. Thank you, Brian! Click on the following to read:

http://brianagincourtmassey.com/winnerspage07.html UPDATE – Brian’s site no longer exists. I’m not sure what happened, but hopefully he’ll come back online soon!

I spend much of my day researching history and writing all about it, but I would love to hear from you. Click here to write me.


Even with all the excitement from my African American reference book, my first love is and will always be children’s books.

Following are my W-I-P’s (Works-in-Progress):


I can’t tell you much about this Young Adult dictionary, but I can say that I’ve laughed, cried and had a world of fun working on it. I got the idea while doing in-depth research for a historical MG. I’m still developing lists of literary agents for it, but I’m also considering self-pubbing. We shall see what the future brings.

UPDATE: 2012 – The dictionary is complete, and still hasn’t found a home. But I have to be honest…I haven’t really been looking for one. Think I’ll shake off the dust, go through it with a fine-tooth comb, and start looking for publishers again. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 2014 (Can you believe it???) – I have now written three teen how-to books for an educational publisher, so I’m planning to pitch this YA to see what they think.

This project began as a PB, but an agent looked it over and suggested that I re-write it as a MG. So what began as a 900-1000 word project has now blossomed into 7,779 words–and I’m only halfway finished!

UPDATE – This project is now 14,000 words long. I entered it into a “First Chapter” competition and received some wonderful feedback in which the judge said it was an “absolutely lovely read.” Still working on it, but it requires quite a bit of research to be sure the details are accurate.

UPDATE: 2012 – Put this one aside for awhile while I completed my historical YA. But since the YA’s done (just needs a bit more tweaking), I’ll work on this one again. This little fella is very close to my heart, and I can’t wait to tell his story.

I got this idea as I reminisced on a few hilarious times I had with my now adult sons. It, too, began as a PB, then took on a life of its own.

UPDATE – This book is complete and has a title and everything! Total words, 9400. Had great fun writing it, now I’m looking for its permanent home.

UPDATE 2012 – Still looking for a publisher!

UPDATE 2014 – I’m pitching this one via an online interactive chapter book course that I’m starting at the end of March.

I got the idea for this story while looking at some old, old–and I do mean old, photographs of my ancestors. I was so inspired, a story instantly formed in my mind. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write the story “instantly.” The struggle continues. 🙁

UPDATE – This book is complete, at 125 pages, and I’m knee-deep in edits. Changed it to 1st POV, and it’s working out great. Entered the first page in the Muse It Up Online Writer’s Conference, and the professional editor who critiqued it said it definitely hooked her interest! Should be subbing this soon.

UPDATE 2012 – Complete at 142 pages, and I just entered the first 10 pages in a writing competition. Will keep you posted!

UPDATE 2014 – Didn’t win the writing competition, but I did just enter the first 10 pages in SCBWI’s Multi-cultural fiction WIP competition.

UPDATE 2014 – This book earned the SCBWI 2014 Letter of Merit for a multicultural work-in-progress! Yep, the letter said that it “showed creativity and promise” and they were offering me encouragement to keep pushing and get it out there. Hoorah!!!

Check back often to see my progress.

Best wishes and happy writing!

Rita Lorraine

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