Um…Did I Miss The Memo???

Posted by Rita Lorraine


Is it my imagination, or are books getting longer? Every book I’ve been asked to review lately has been north of 300 pages!

I’m not complaining. I passed on the latest requests, because I just don’t have time to read and review 300-page books. I mean, when would I eat? Or sleep? Or earn money to pay bills? But I’m just wondering, did I miss a memo? Why are books getting longer and longer?

Back in December, I agreed to read and review a title (which shall remain nameless) because it sounded interesting to me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t my usual astute self, so I forgot to check the page count before I gave my consent.

It was 600 pages long!

Again, I’m not complaining, and I’m definitely not putting anyone down. I admire any writer who can stay focused enough to write a 600-page book (I sure can’t!). But gosh-a-mighty, 600 pages? Really?

I was also recently asked to read and review a trilogy. When I received the review arc of 400 pages, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, although I couldn’t figure out why so many details had been omitted. That’s when I found out the publisher had mistakenly sent the arc for the second book of the trilogy. I was then asked if I wanted them to send the first and third books, which were each also 400 pages long.

That’s 1200 pages, people.

The publisher couldn’t understand why I declined after I said I liked the second book. They couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t itching to get my fingers on books one and three. But…seriously, 1200 pages?

So I’m wondering, did I miss the memo? Is there now a trend that every book – fiction, nonfiction, comedy, drama, narrative and bio – must be hundreds and hundreds of pages long? And if there is, why didn’t I know about it?

Now, I don’t expect anyone to actually answer this question. I’m just venting, because I love reading and reviewing books. But with these latest developments, I don’t see how that will be possible.

Well anyway, don’t let my dilemma discourage you. Keep those review requests coming. I love finding new writers that I can boast about.

Best wishes and happy writing – especially if your book is under 300 pages,

Rita Lorraine


  • I would have 2nd and 3rd thoughts about reading so many pages.

    • Rita Lorraine

      Hi Gwen, thanks for stopping by! Glad to know it’s not just me. 🙂

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