The Self-Publishing Way?

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Hello All,
Wow, it’s been a long, loooong time! I hope you’re all well and preparing for the winter. Just passing through to share my thoughts about the possibility of self-publishing. Got a minute?

Again, it’s been a long time so I’ll have to catch you up with what’s been going on. First, I subbed a multicultural W-I-P to SCBWI in July and received a Letter of Merit for my effort. Isn’t that cool? What’s funny is that I sent out a few queries on that book before I subbed it to SCBWI and never got nary a nibble, yet the book was recognized by SCBWI judges as being “full of creativity and promise.”

That recognition got me to thinking: why not consider self-publishing? Now, I’m not going to self-publish that particular book because I think it would do better as a trade book. But I am definitely thinking of self-publishing a YA dictionary I wrote several years ago. Although my decision isn’t chiseled in stone, I’ve been doing some research on ebook formatting and hardback templates, ISBN numbers, and how to pre-plan a marketing campaign 6 months in advance.

So there you are. Although I have a trade-published children’s picture book and two trade-published educational “how-to” books due to debut in the next few months, I’m thinking of self-publishing one of my works-in-progress. And that’s where I am, in a nutshell.

Whatever I decide, I’ll definitely share my steps with you. And by the way, it feels good to be back and blogging again.

Best wishes and happy writing,
Rita Lorraine

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