#Nonfiction Shall Rise Again!

Posted by Rita Lorraine


Hi everyone, breezing thru with what I hope is great news for nonfiction writers. According to a Publisher’s Weekly article called Nonfiction, Common Core, and More: An ABPA Panel, “print remains ubiquitous (appearing everywhere at the same time) and book sales point to an unwavering commitment on the part of parents to purchase reading material for their children.”

This is wonderful news. First of all, print books are here to stay. And second, parents are committed to obtaining them for their children. But perhaps the best bonus of all comes in the form of “nonfiction” topics.

Nonfiction children’s books have always been my cup of tea, but for decades now I’ve had agents tell me “your book is great but I don’t know how to market it;” or “nonfiction just doesn’t sell well; do you have any dystopians or paranormals?”

But now, because of or in conjunction with Common Core — take your pick — there is a growing demand for more nonfiction books and books that encourage critical thinking. According to the PW article, the main thing we writers need to remember is to blend our manuscripts with “fun, facts and photographs or illustrations.”

One more plus: series’ are taking off! So if you have a series in mind, you may just find yourself at the front of the submissions line.

To read the complete Publisher’s Weekly article, click here: http://tinyurl.com/mx3n4lp

And now, to all my fellow nonfiction writers, dust off those old manuscripts that editors once overlooked and have at it!

See you on the bookshelves.

Your friend in nonfiction,
Rita Lorraine

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