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So I’m just entering Week #5 of a 5-week course called The Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Books. It’s hosted by Dr. Mira Reisberg and the Children’s Book Academy, and it has been one of the loveliest and most intimate writing intensives I’ve ever been a part of.

Mira (she’s so approachable you can call her that!) carefully and meticulously breaks down picture books, beginning with how and why we are seduced by them, and ending with the importance of prose, illustration and lay out. From the first day of the workshop, you’ll come away with a new way of thinking about picture books and the writers who birth them.

There are weekly webinars, detailed daily blog posts, frequent FaceBook messages, online pitch sessions…you name it, this course has it! Mira and her associates (Sudipta and Mandy) are as funny and down-to-earth as they are professional. They are also extremely generous toward aspiring writers, going out of their way to nourish and encourage.

Here’s the link –

Even with three educational books and a picture book (2015) under my belt, Mira showed me how much there was to learn about picture.

Thank you Mira and company! Next stop: Chapter Books!

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