What-cha Talking ‘Bout, Willis?

Posted by Rita Lorraine

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Hi Everybody,
Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend! Just breezing through to share a bit of confusion with you. Question: What makes people jump to conclusions? Huh, what?

As many of you know, I’m always finding and posting info about contests, pitchfests, free online conferences and manuscript all-calls so I can make sure everyone that’s interested has plenty of time to enter and participate if they want.

So a few days ago, I posted a competition all-call on one of the social media sites (I won’t say which one), and the post immediately received a few thumbs up and a couple of “thank you for sharing” comments.

But one writer had a longer comment. He informed me that he absolutely loves competitions like this, but is the world’s worst at completing his work. One problem in particular seemed to be dealing with continuity and flow.

Since I have a world of resources at my fingertips, I promptly offered to send him a copy of a Story Bible I received from a writer at one of the free online conferences I attended last year. For those of you who don’t know, a Story Bible is a type of encyclopedia of your story; a comprehensive reference that tracks your characters’ names and personal details; your book’s locations, etc.

By the way, this wasn’t a breach of protocol because the writer gave it away free to everyone who attended her free course, and also posted it on the conference website for immediate download.

I thought by offering this Story Bible to an aspiring writer like this man, it might move him one step closer to writing and finishing his manuscript.


His prompt reply was, “Thanks but no thanks.” He then proceeded to tell me he was a Christian and he already belongs to a critique group, and though they don’t share each other’s political ideals and opinions, they believe in producing quality work. Huh?

First off, I offered you a Story Bible, not a bible story.

Second, I’m a Christian too, and what did I say that led you to believe I was anything but?

Third, if you weren’t familiar with the term Story Bible, why didn’t you just ask?

Fourth, what the heck does politics have to do with me sharing some writing info with you?

Last, “What-cha talking ‘bout, Willis?”

At first I thought about not ever offering to share anything again. Then I changed my mind and decided to post this hilarious set of commercials that express exactly what I’m feeling right now.

Best wishes, and…don’t jump to conclusions!
Rita Lorraine

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