Proof That Writers are Geniuses!

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Hi Everybody,
I ran across a very interesting article outlining the 24 qualities true geniuses are said to exhibit. I was stunned. Why? Because writers exhibit those qualities, too!

First and foremost, here’s the link to the original article about the 24 qualities as it appeared in The National Enquirer – Copyright 1980, National Enquirer/Transworld

I DID NOT compose this list of qualities, I merely saw (and still see) the similarities between “geniuses” and writers. My comments appear in parentheses. Here we go:

Characteristics of Geniuses/Writers

1. DRIVE. Geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and long. (Writers do, too. How many nights have you sat up until your eyes blurred trying to pen that elusive masterpiece?)

2. COURAGE. (Writers have plenty. What else could persuade us to venture into independent publishing when the world is currently flooded with independently-published material?)

3. DEVOTION TO GOALS. (How often have you thrown yourself into your writing, even when your friends and family insisted you were wasting your time?)

4. KNOWLEDGE. (Like geniuses, we writers believe in “knowing” our subject.)

5. HONESTY. (We’re honest about our abilities–or inabilities–and we’re honestly willing to learn.)

6. OPTIMISM. (Like geniuses, writers never doubt we will succeed. That’s why we can neatly file rejection slip #1001 and still digest our dinner and play games with the kids).

7. ABILITY TO JUDGE. (We know when to quit and when not to; that’s why we never quit, lol.)

8. ENTHUSIASM. (Nothing dilutes our enthusiasm, even the word NO. Especially the word “NO.”)

9. WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES. (Remember the song, “Everyday I’m Hustlin’, by Rick Ross? That’s us!)

10. DYNAMIC ENERGY. (Amped up on coffee and no-doze.)

11. ENTERPRISE. (Hybrids, that’s what we are. Part writer, part ‘preneur.)

12. PERSUASION. (We persuade ourselves to keep going, don’t we???)

13. OUTGOINGNESS. (Always looking for ways to network)

14. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. (Communicate…write. Duh!)

15. PATIENCE. (No matter how many years it takes, we’re on the grind.)

16. PERCEPTION. (I can see clearly now, the rain has come.)

17. PERFECTIONISM. (Like “Bae Bae’s kids,” our internal editor never dies; it multiplies.)


18. SENSE OF HUMOR. (How many times have you laughed at your early attempts at writing?)

19. VERSATILITY. (We’re the kings/queens of multitasking.)

20. ADAPTABILITY. (Vampires are out and zombies are in? One zombie middle grade chapter book with a cherry on top, coming right up!)

21. CURIOSITY. (We love to play–and write–the “what-if” game.)

22. INDIVIDUALISM. (We know no two stories are alike, that’s why we’re not afraid to keep on writing.)

23. IDEALISM. (Yeah, we know the odds of producing a bestseller…but we go for it anyway!)

24. IMAGINATION. (The sky–and the kindle, the pdf and the ebook–is the limit).

Get it now? We’re geniuses!

Best wishes…and E=MC2,

Rita Lorraine

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