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Posted by Rita Lorraine

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Hi Everyone,
Breezing thru on this chilly Chattanooga morning to give you an update on the IndieReCon conference. It’s awesome, and the best part is, it’s FREE and ONLINE. That means anyone can attend.

IndieReCon has been one of the best FREE online conferences I’ve attended. Oh, I’ve attended some other great conferences, but this time, I’ve been dealing with a horrendous bout of the flu, complete with headache, stomach ache, dizziness, fever and a throat that feels like it’s on fire. Yet I can still sit slumped in front of my computer and enjoy IndieReCon. How great is that???

There is so much information being offered by so many generous and fantastic authors, I can’t possibly list it all. But here’s a re-cap of several wonderful chunks of information I’ve gleaned so far:

1. A breakdown list of all the hats entrepreneurial authors must wear – http://tinyurl.com/aoucu2f

2. A chart of the pro’s and cons of indie publishing – http://tinyurl.com/bhddhvl

3. The 7 Biggest Mistakes Indie Authors Make – http://tinyurl.com/aaopa2a

4. A Sample Business Plan for writers (You don’t want to miss this one!!!) – http://tinyurl.com/ahrj3zt

5. How to write eshorts for a living – http://tinyurl.com/b52qguy

They are also giving away everything from signed ebooks to marketing consultations to first-chapter critiques.

I won author Lorna Suzuki’s (Twitter – @LornaSuzuki) ebook, Imago Chronicles: A Warrior’s Tale, which has been optioned by a Hollywood filmmaker!

If you haven’t attended yet, there’s still time top hop on over to IndieReCon.

Best wishes and happy conferencing,

Rita Lorraine

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