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Posted by Rita Lorraine

The questionnaire

Hi Everybody,
Happy New Year! Stopping thru to discuss something that got under my skin in 2012: People from the world of publishing who failed to follow through.

Last month, I wrote a post called The Case of the Disappearing Publicity Agent, in which I lamented over people contacting me for editorial favors then never following through.

It’s still happening.

In late December, I was contacted by a hopeful and humble indie writer asking that I review his/her book. Since I’m trying to be more open to reviewing for indies, I agreed, and he/she zipped it off in the mail so that I could receive it quickly before I changed my mind. Not that I would have…I just think he/she didn’t want to take any chances.

I read it, loved it, and sacrificed time away from the Christmas and New Year holiday to write a review because I knew he/she would be waiting on pins and needles to see what I had to say. I sent the review to his/her email to preview before it posted, and…NOTHING. Again.

The numbers are climbing. This makes four publicity agents, and three indie writers who have asked for an editorial opinion, then never followed through…not even to say “thank you for your time.” Well, actually, many more have asked for reviews, but these are the ones I’ve granted.

So my advice for the year beginning is that you please, please, PLEASE follow through. You never know what a simple “thanks, I got your email,” or “thanks for your time” will do.

Best wishes and happy writing,
Rita Lorraine

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