Why You Need a Story Bible

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everyone,
Just stopping through to share a couple of links for those writers out there who weave complex story lines with details that are oh-so-easy to forget.

If you write anything longer than a picture book, you probably need to create a story bible.

A story bible is a notebook that contains your story concept, setting, location, and other complex details, including characters’ names, nicknames, height and weight, etc. In other words, a story bible will contain all the intricate details of your story and the world you’ve created, and will act as an easy reference as you create your scenes.

Here are two links for your enjoyment.

The Story Bible: What it Is and Why You Need One, by Rochelle Melander and published on Jane Friedman’s website – http://janefriedman.com/2011/10/17/the-story-bible/

Creating a Story Bible, by David Hewson – http://davidhewson.com/2012/10/04/creating-a-story-bible-with-a-free-template/

Note: The Hewson article offers a free Scrivener template at the very end of the article, so DON’T MISS IT.


Rita Lorraine

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  • Thanks for the link to my article on The Story Bible, published on Jane Friedman’s website. Much appreciated! -Rochelle Melander, author of Write-A-Thon

    • Rita Lorraine

      Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks so much for writing it and sharing your expertise. Wish I had read it before I started my mg. It’s finished now, but I had plenty of challenges with the fine details. That won’t happen next time, thanks to your advice. Have a great one!

      Rita Lorraine

      PS – Link details corrected. Best wishes!

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