Up From the Ashes

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Hope all is well with you and you’re getting plenty of fabulous writing done! Just stopping through to let you know, I’m finally rising up from the ashes. Well, not me exactly…it’s my websites that are rising from the — oh, you know what I mean!

As you know, all my websites got hit by a horrible virus, but my book review website, PICTURE BOOK DEPOT, was the one hardest hit. At long last it’s back up and running, and I’m so thankful for that.

It wasn’t easy; I worked day and night to get rid of that awful malware, salvage posts and pages, re-code the tags and cross-tags, etc. so my picture book lovers would once again have a place to go to satisfy their picture book needs. And you know what’s amazing? My page views actually increased while the site was down. Go figure!

When I first got it back up, Picture Book Depot was quite raggedy, with blank spots where the pictures should have been, and dead links where the malware had eaten the whole thing for breakfast. It was even missing the picture book – the website logo. I’m telling you, that virus really took a bite!

But “raggedy” didn’t stop my visitors; the hits kept coming from across the globe, and they just wouldn’t stop. To see for yourself, just on over there and check out my visitor counter. It’s located on the far right.


Anyway, it’s good to be back here, and I look forward to once again sharing the Un-editorial things I see in the publishing world.

Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!

Rita Lorraine

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