Top Twenty Writing Mistakes That Tick Readers Off

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Just stopping through to share what I learned in one of my writing groups. Someone posed the question, “What annoys you most when you read a book?” Here are the top twenty answers.


1. Switching POVs in the middle of a sentence or paragraph.
2. Unfinished thoughts that leave readers with an incomplete or
incoherent sentence.
3. Shifting Tenses.
4. Horrid sentence construction.
5. Forty-thousand typos.
6. Raggedy punctuation.
7. Poor grammar.
8. Stiff, forced and/or completely unrealistic dialogue.
9. Under-developed characters.
10. Long, run-on sentences.
11. Too much telling, not enough showing.
12. Characters who never seem to work but have endless funds.
13. Characters with incredible luck; for instance, his/her car has a
flat tire in the middle of nowhere and he/she just happens to
find a new tire on the side of the road.
14. Lack of continuity so that names, eye colors, birthdates,
interests, etc. shift from chapter to chapter.
15. Having no clue what genre they are writing in.
16. Overuse of or unnecessary use of profanity.
17. Failure to self-edit
18. Failure to double-check facts.
19. Not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re,” and not bothering to find out.
20. Being in too much of a hurry to have his/her book published to have it edited or critiqued first.

Hope this helps!

Rita Lorraine

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