The Self-Publishing Explosion

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Wow...where did all these books come from?

Wow…where did all these books come from?

Hi Everybody,
Hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Stopping through early in the a.m. to bring you a most interesting story about just how far a self-published author can go…if you just put your mind (and expertise) to it.

Here is the inspirational story of the humble man who wrote The Christmas Box. It seems that Richard Paul Evans, the author, wrote the book for his children and printed only 20 original copies. But as his friends read the book and passed it around, its popularity ballooned.

I’ll let you watch the rest of this wonderful video to find out what happened next, but I have to mention this: When Mr. Evans subbed the book to a trade publisher, it was turned down. Find out how his book finally got noticed.


Rita Lorraine

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