Ten Self-Publishing Mistakes Writers Make

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hello Everybody,
Hope your December is getting off to a great start. Just stopping through to share a link I found on the most common mistakes self-published authors make. Want to know more? Read on!

It’s a wonderful time for writers. The option to self-publish has opened many doors, and the possibilities are indeed endless.

Still, writers must be responsible. Just because self-publishing is easy is no reason to go into it without thought and planning.

I’ve reviewed my share of self-published books, and I found a few wonderful manuscripts. But many of the books I came across had the same types of glaring problems that stopped me dead in my tracks.

To help self-published writers understand the most common mistakes reviewers and readers are seeing, I’m including a link to an article from The Book Professor:


I hope it helps. Enjoy!

Rita Lorraine

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