5 Reasons Your Manuscript Got Kicked to The Curb

Posted by Rita Lorraine

ME. It’s been a long week.

Hello Everybody,
I missed you! Just taking a few minutes out of my busy day to drop a line or two about why some submissions are straight kicked to the curb. If this happened to you, read on.

Kicked to The Curb

When you don’t follow the rules you cause agony and suffering for everyone, and when that happens, people will begin to avoid you like the plague.

If your book (or other submission) got kicked to the curb, it’s probably because of one of the following reasons:

1. You didn’t send your best work. You sent a bundle of typos, incomplete sentences, unfinished thoughts, grammatical errors and other “fractured fairytales.” That spells “curb” in my book.

2. You submitted to a person who doesn’t even publish what you write. Example – Picture Book Depot, which only reviews CHILDREN’S BOOKS, received a review request for a 300-page book about — of all things — demonology, paranormalism, espionage, rape and vampirism. Now, why would a picture book site want to glorify such a book??? Bend over…I’m ready to kick!

3.You’re not an expert in your field. Not only are your facts wrong, you just plain don’t know what you’re talking about. Where are my boots???

4. You bored your audience to tears. Rule-of-thumb: If you’re bored, your audience will be bored. [Leaning foot back for another swift kick.]

Some very serious curb-kicking.

5.You ignored the guidelines and decided the editor didn’t know what she would be missing if you did things her way. To the curb you go!

Get the point?

I wrote an article very similar to this one way back in 2010, in which I listed 10 reasons your story didn’t get published, so if you want to know other reasons for getting rejected, click the following link:


Hope this helps.

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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