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Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Long-time-no-see! Just passing thru to say hello, and to remind aspiring writers everywhere that writing is for the strong, not the faint of heart.

Oh, writing brings its rewards, but not necessarily right away. Not necessarily within a year, either…or a decade, or even a lifetime, for that matter. So the truth is, when you decide to become a writer, you should do it for no other reason than that it’s in your blood and you can’t be happy unless you write. In other words, you should do it for the love of writing.

I know writers who have landed writer-for-hire contracts that involve mucho research, long hours of writing, fees for inter-library loans, personal interviews, etc., but they don’t get paid one red cent for the work they do for months down the road. That means they’re working for free – at least during that time period – and who in their right mind works for free in this economy, unless they absolutely love what they do?

I know writers who trade buckets of blood, sweat and tears to write their books, get them edited, get their covers illustrated, and get the books out to the general public…only to barely snag a half-dozen hits on their book websites. These writers do everything they can, discuss everything they can, try everything they can, attend every seminar they can, listen to everyone they can, and…well, you get the picture. And they still don’t get any hits on their site – or sales, either.

So that’s why I say that if you write, you must write for the love of writing, and not for any other reason. It’s what keeps a true writer going.

Best wishes for the most successful writing life ever!

Rita Lorraine

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