Get ‘er Done!

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody!
So, now that summer’s practically over, I hope you got to attend that wonderful writer’s conference you’ve been dreaming of, or at least managed to get a few online writing chats and vlogs under your belt. But…what’s next?

Why, it’s time to “Get ‘er Done,” of course. Meaning, it’s time to get to work! Because let’s face it, writers can’t spend all their time studying the craft, attending seminars, networking and learning the business end of writing. Sooner or later, writers have to write.

Yes, it’s a hard cold fact, but there it is: The writing profession actually requires you to do some writing – and a considerable amount of it, if I do say so myself. After all, learning the in’s and out’s of a craft means nothing if you never actually exercise the craft. Right?

So…get ‘er done! Compartmentalize all that fun you had attending seminars and online gatherings. Then sit your butt in your favorite chair, get comfortable (not too comfortable), pick up your pen and start writing.

Get ‘er done!

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

PS – After I wrote this piece, I discovered, to my horror, that “Get ‘er Done” doesn’t simply mean “Get to work;” it also has a second, more crude and overtly sexual meaning. I won’t say what it is; you’ll have to look that up for yourself. But for purposes of this article, my use of the phrase means to “avoid procrastination and get to work on your manuscript.”

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  • Hi, Rita!
    I’d really like to talk with you about the history of African Americans in Chattanooga. If you can, send me an email with the best way to reach you.

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