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Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hello All,
Hope you’re managing to keep cool (it was 109 degrees here the other day!) and doing lots and lots of writing. To help keep those creative juices flowing, be sure to use these writing tips.

These tips were shared by a very generous writer by the name of Debbie Maxwell Allen, and include A FREE PLOT COURSE, FREE RESOURCES TO LISTEN WHILE YOU WRITE, and HEMINGWAY’S TIPS ON WRITING.

To access these FREE RESOURCES, surf on over to Debbie’s website, and tell her I sent you!

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine


  • Thank you so much for the mention, Rita! Stay cool!


    • Rita Lorraine

      Hey Debbie,
      You’re very welcome, and thanks for being so generous with the info. We appreciate you.

      Rita Lorraine

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