The Best Christmas Eve Gift

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
I hope you’re recovering from the absolute best Christmas you’ve ever had. I’m stopping through to share with you a most wonderful Christmas Eve gift…the best I’ve received in a very long time.

So I was in my kitchen with my bosom over the burners, putting my foot in my Christmas dinner. (Since I have overseas friends who read this blog, “putting your foot” in your meal means you’re making a delicious, unforgettable meal that is your best ever). The aroma from my ham was doing a little dance around my nose, and my green beans were screaming, “Go on, EAT me!” Well, not really, but my imagination does tend to run away with me.

As I stood there thinking how much my sons were going to enjoy the meal, I heard a police siren. Then another one, and another one.

A shiver went over me. What in the world was all the fuss? Had some poor soul had hit a tree, run off the road, crashed into another driver, or blew a tire on the way home to their delicious Christmas dinner? When I heard yet another siren, I really got concerned. Lord, I prayed. Please don’t let anyone have been taken from their family on this night.

But when I got to my front door to check it out, I got the best Christmas gift ever. There on the road, zipping past my house at break-neck speed, were at least fifty police cars (more, if you count the ones I didn’t see when it all first started). They dashed down the main artery road I live on, in a straight line, waving and smiling at everyone they saw.

And then I remembered. Every Christmas Eve, the police department distributes new, unwrapped gifts to needy children in the area. I’ve always missed this event, but this time I got to see it unfold. I got to see police cars speeding past–not because the police were chasing crooks or drug dealers or that little air-headed kid who thought it was okay to take his grandma’s car on a joy ride. They were speeding off to do some good where it counted.

I got to see Chattanooga’s finest at their finest, on their way to give back to the community. Thanks Chattanooga PD. This was the best Christmas Eve gift ever.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,
Rita Lorraine

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  • Happy new year 🙂 Good article

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