Rita’s 9 Rules for Aspiring Writers – Pt 2 (Rewind)

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Glad you came back for Part 2 of Rita’s 9 Rules for Aspiring Writers. In Part I, we discussed being professional and typing your work vs. submitting the dreaded chicken scratch manuscript to an editor. We also discussed some of the tools you’ll need to pursue your profession.

Now that the basic stuff is behind us, let’s talk about some ways you can improve your craft.

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And now…on with the show.


4. Learn How to Use the Internet
Okay, I gotta be a little hard on you now: Stop making technology excuses. For goodness sakes, learn to use the internet!

Why? Because the internet is here to stay, that’s why. Because editors use it and agents use it. Because writers use it, and critique groups use it. Because many publishing houses insist on email submissions, and won’t accept your work any other way.

Be brave; be daring! Empower yourself. GO GREEN! Learn to use the ‘net.

5. Learn Your Craft
Writing is a skill, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Every “overnight” success will probably tell you how it took them ten or more years to make it big. So the most important thing you can do is learn your craft. Here are some suggestions:
a. Take a writing class.
b. Join a writing group.
c. Follow writers, editors and agents on Twitter.
d. Start your own Twitter Writing List.
e. Form your own writer’s group (local or online).
f. Check out a bunch of books, read them, then make notes on what you liked or didn’t like about them.
g. Enter writing contests.
h. Subscribe to writer’s blogs.

As you can see by this list, there’s plenty–and I do mean plenty that you can do to learn your craft. The most important thing to remember is, you have to get started.

library6. The Library is free. Use it.
Don’t have the internet? Don’t fret…just go to your local library. The internet is free there, and the librarians are ready, willing and able to help you learn to navigate. Plus, there are a world of books there, and you can read and research and do all sorts of wonderful things.

Sometimes there’s a line for the computers, and if so, you’ll have to wait. But other than that, the library is definitely a win-win situation. Make use of it!

Well, that’s it now. Be sure to check back on January 16th for the final installment: Part 3 of: Rita’s 9 Rules for Aspiring Writers.

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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