Get Up and Sit Down!

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi All,
Here’s a subject that has been gnawing at me for awhile. It’s a subject I feel must be discussed, and yet I pinky-swore myself that I wouldn’t give in and write about it. Why? Because it sounds too much like preaching, and I’m struggling with too many of my own bad writing habits to preach to anyone.


Yep, I swore…but I guess I broke my promise to myself, because here I am, typing away! That’s what happens when an issue starts bubbling up in your throat like so much acid reflux: You just gotta spit it out!

So without further ado…here is my contribution to aspiring writers everywhere: WHEN YOU GET UP, SIT DOWN!

In other words…

1. Don’t make excuses.
2. Don’t procrastinate.
3. Quit trying to find someone to write your book for you.
4. Get up off your rump and do something.
5. And when you get up… sit down (at the typewriter, that is!)

Writers write, that’s all there is to it. Real writers don’t constantly make excuses about what they need before they can write, or why they don’t have time to write, or why they need you to do their writing for them. I mean, real writers may complain for awhile, and they may seek out other writers with bad habits eerily similar to their own, to listen to their plight and sympathize. But real writers eventually get themselves together. They eventually pick up a pen. They eventually get up off their rear ends, and when they get up, they eventually sit down at a desk.

They eventually WRITE.

So my advice to you if you’re a real writer–or if you plan to be one someday–is, don’t waste another minute of your precious time…and please don’t waste another minute of mine.

Get up and sit down. Get up and write.

Hope this helps! Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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  • Cool post!

  • Rita,

    Doctors practice medicine.
    Lawyers practice law.
    AND they get involved in continuing education so they can stay on top of their game.
    We as writers are no different. We need to practice our craft and never stop educating ourselves.

    Thanks. Nice article.


    • Rita Lorraine Hubbard

      Hey Crystal,
      Wise words! Thanks so much for stopping by, and looking forward to telling everyone about your new children’s book, which will debut in February of 2011. Go Crystal!

      All best,
      Rita Lorraine

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