Feel Like Competing? Here’s a Great Contest

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Are you in a competitive mood? This may be the perfect contest for you. It’s called The Page to Screen Story Contest.

FYI, The Page to Screen Story Contest is a writing opportunity hosted by Wordhustler.com. Now, if you’re already a registered member of Wordhustler, you probably got the memo where they’re about to fade-to-black for awhile as they make some changes. But apparently this won’t affect The Page to Screen Story Contest, so don’t let that email deter you.

They are accepting short story ideas of any genre (even children’s) as long as your submission is under 10,000 words. Of course the children’s genre shouldn’t have anything inappropriate for children or sexually explicit.

The fee is $15, and the deadline is MIDNIGHT, DECEMBER 15TH, so get those stories in! Just click here for complete details: http://tinyurl.com/22s3jrk

Best wishes and happy competing.

Rita Lorraine

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