Black History Month: Unsung Heroes of the South, Pt. 2

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for stopping back through during Black History Month. Remember, in addition to promoting other outstanding books by African Americans this month, I’m also promoting my own. So be sure and take a look!

More Chattanooga Unsung Hero Facts:

Did you know….

The First Black Assigned as Lead Counsel by the Supreme Court

The First Black Assigned as Lead Counsel by the Supreme Court

Chattanooga is the home of the first African American male ever appointed as lead counsel on the Supreme Court?

That’s right! Attorney Noah Parden was assigned as Lead Counsel in 1906, when young Ed Johnson, an African American male, was sentenced to die for raping a white woman.

Unfortunately, Noah would never get to act as lead attorney, because something happened to his client before he could argue before the court!

By the way, the incident that happened to his client had an impact on the whole United States! Read my book to find out why!

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