Black History Month: Unsung Heroes of the South, Pt. 1

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for stopping by during Black History Month. This month, I’m doing something totally out of character: I’m promoting my own book!

Most people know Chattanooga, Tennessee as a tourist city, and the “scenic city of the south. But there is so much more to us!

African Americans have a long and rich history in Chattanooga, and my book, African Americans of Chattanooga: A History of Unsung Heroes, documents this fact.

Hubbard Pryor, Preparing for Glory


Do these stunning photographs look familiar? They are photographs of Private Hubbard Pryor, taken in Chattanooga, TN in 1864! They were once used as a recruiting tool during the Civil War, and can now be found in the National Archives (

Private Hubbard Pryor was young in this photo–only 22 years old, and a runaway slave from Georgia. He was cold and hungry, and had just been attacked by bloodhounds, hence the reason for his swaddled pants legs. He made his way into Federal lines in Chattanooga, and after a few square meals and a day or so of recuperation, he joined the 44th USCI.

My book, African Americans of Chattanooga: A History of Unsung Heroes, is chocked full of wonderful stories like this one. Be sure and get your copy this month…and learn about Glory…in Chattanooga!

Just click on the image to your left, and you’ll be taken directly to, where you can make your purchase.

Thanks so much for your support!

Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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