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Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,
Just stopping by to ask how your writing is going. What? You’re stuck, you say? No worries. Here are a few ways to cure writer’s block quicker than you can say Jack Rab


First of all, RELAX! Writer’s block isn’t the end of the world…it just feels like it. Take a break. Push away from the computer. Put away your manuscript and find something that appeals to your senses, because stimulation of the senses can change your mood and fire up the old creativity.

What? You’re so blocked you don’t remember what your senses are? Here, let me help.

Sight is a powerful sense, and you can use it to get yourself in the mood to write. Here are a few ways:

1. Try thumbing through a few colorful graphic novels or comic books.

2. Visit your local library and check out books on architecture or art history. Drink in the colors, forms and designs.

3. Locate your scrapbook (physical one, not digital) and thumb through your old photos.

4. Try your hand at sketching. Take pencil and paper outside and sketch landscape or wild life.

The point is, get away from your manuscript and do something else for awhile. It just may give your mind the break it needs.

Sound – Some writers need absolute quiet to write, but I’m one who prefers at least some noise in the background while I work. I like having my television on with the volume down just low enough so that whatever’s on doesn’t distract me, but just high enough to have sound in the house. Here are some other things you can do with sound:

1. Play your favorite tunes on your ipod or cd player.

2. Try out some beautiful classical music. The William Tell Overture really makes my imagination run wild.

3. Go to the library and check out the audio version of your favorite book(s). You can do chores, plant flowers or sketch while you listen.

4. Listen to “sound” cd’s with storms, waves crashing, raindrops and the likes. These are wonderfully calming. My son and his girlfriend bought me one of these tapes for my birthday, and I found the sounds relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Again, the point is to learn which sounds stimulate your imagination. Purchase a sound effects cd to listen to a wide array of sounds, like dogs barking and babies gurgling and laughing. Find the sound that stimulates your fingers back into action!

Taste – This is another very powerful sense. Take time away from your blank computer screen to savor your favorite things…but be careful not to turn into a glutton.

I like to brew a pot of delicious coffee (Maxwell House—South Pacific, baby!) Sometimes I bake oatmeal cookies with raisins and nuts, but I try not to take tastes too far, because it’s easy to start packing on the pounds. Just make sure that after you take a break to stimulate your taste buds, you eventually make your way back to the keyboard.

Touch – Touch can stimulate all sorts of creativity. Here are a few ways:

1. Take a hot bubble bath with smooth bath gel or grainy bath salts that smell scrumptiously delicious. Not only will this relax you and make your skin tingle, it will also awaken your sense of smell.

2. Try rubbing your fingertips or face against various textures, like satin, silk, tweed, etc.

Smell – You can do all sorts of things to awaken your sense of smell.

1. Place a bottle of your favorite perfume at your desk.

2. Spray a light mist of your man’s favorite cologne on some of your writing paper.

3. Step outside just after a summer rain and take a great big whiff of the air.

4. Step outside on a sweltering summer evening, just after the sun goes down, and sniff the sweet honeysuckle on the vine, hear the june bugs chirping and see the fire flies lighting up all at the same time!

If this last smell/sight/sound doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a drive past the food strip where you live, and inhale the aromas drifting through the air, like grilled steak or sizzling barbecue.

In other words, JUST TAKE A BREAK! Trust me, your computer/desk/paper isn’t going anywhere. Besides, it’s always good to stretch your limbs, run in place, or take a real break and walk around the block.

Well, hope this helps you.

Until next time, best wishes and happy writing.

Rita Lorraine

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