Where There’s a Will (Smith), There’s a Way

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,

Here’s an inspirational video that’s sure to jiggle your creativity bone. And it doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, either; when you watch it, you’ll be excited, inspired, and raring to go!

Here it is, a compilation of some of Will Smith’s deepest, most profound thoughts.

What? Will Smith, you say?

Yes, Will Smith. The Fresh Prince of Belaire. That’s right; the multi-talented actor, producer, rapper-extraordinaire who once turned down a full MIT scholarship so he could further his career.

I’d heard Smith was a genius, and now I can see how he got that label. If you’re looking for inspiration and encouragement, you’ve just got to watch this.

Thanks to my son Thomas D. Hubbard of Hubbard Digital, LLC for suggesting this video, and to TheMindGuru from YouTube for compiling and sharing it.


Best wishes, and happy creativity,

Rita Lorraine

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