Web for Writers 101, Part 7 – Thomas’ Tips in a Nutshell

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,

Well, here’s the last installment of Web for Writers – 101. I’ve gathered all Thomas’ tips and Words of Wisdom and placed them here for your information.



Thomas D. Hubbard, www.ThomasHubbard.net, www.HubbardDigital.com, Rita Writes History

www.ThomasHubbard.net, www.HubbardDigital.com

TIP #1 – a successful web presence consists of keywords and key phrases, the proper usage of syntax and server-side technology, and a balance of color and graphics that compliment one’s brand.

TIP #2
– Choose your domain name wisely. Don’t choose names that are too long because they are easy to misspell. Dot COM, NET and ORG are the most popular.

TIP #3 – Writers should set up a blog rather than a traditional static website. Most blogs come with advance, built-in features…all a writer has to do is write new content, press a button, and boom…a new page or post is published!

TIP #4
– Color is very important; either a color works, or it doesn’t. Avoid clashing colors that scream, “I’m an unprofessional amateur trying to make it happen!”

TIP #5
– Less is more. If you’re new to design, using no more than three colors is always a safe bet.

TIP #6 – If all else fails, go with a completely white blackdrop, black text, and great photos or graphics that “do the coloring” for you.

Thomas' Tips, Rita Writes History

TIP #7 – Design programs like “Website Tonight” and Broderbond’s Printshop Series are great, but if you don’t have an eye for design, these types can be more damaging than beneficial.

TIP #8 – Don’t expect web-building software or free web themes to give you everything you need. You may have to employ an expert to optimize your site for better rankings, or a graphics specialist to design your logo or web theme.

TIP #9
– Skill and experience should be at the top of your list when you consider professional web development.

TIP #10
– A cheap static site might seem like a bargain or a “good start,” but believe me, you’ll pay for it down the road. You’ll either have to pay someone to make changes each time you need them, or you’ll need to know HTML and CSS to make the changes/updates yourself.

TIP #11 – A professional web designer should be able to complete your website in one business week.

Well, everybody, that’s wraps up our series on Web for Writers.

Remember, you can reach Thomas at: http://www.thomashubbard.net/home-thomas-hubbard.php

Best wishes and happy writing!

Rita Lorraine

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