Web for Writers 101, Part 6 – About Thomas Hubbard (and other information)

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,

Well, we’re in the wrap-up stage. Thomas has taken us through the very technical world of setting up a simple website so we can have a great “web presence.”

Now we’re down to the last couple of questions: How long it should take for someone to build your site, and where to find great examples.


Part 6 – About Thomas Hubbard (and other information)

A business website, designed by Thomas D. Hubbard, Rita Writes History

A business website, designed by Thomas D. Hubbard

Rita: Thomas, thank you so much for taking this time to help us novices understand about static and advanced websites.

Thomas: My pleasure. I hope what I’ve shared has helped someone.

Rita: I’m sure it has, but I still have a couple more questions.

Thomas: Shoot.

Rita: So how long should it take for a website, static or otherwise, to be completed?

Thomas: Ultimately, it depends on who’s developing the website for you, and the scale of your project. If you build it yourself using the website building programs we’ve discussed, just prepare for “the journey of a thousand miles,” because it’s going to take you some time. But with most professional website designers, the standard turnaround time is one business week.

TIP #11 – A professional web designer should be able to complete your website in one business week.

Rita: Most people are in a hurry to get setup on the web, and they don’t want a long, drawn out experience. One business week sounds good. You build websites, correct?

Yes, I do! I own and manage several advanced websites. I have also contracted with and built websites and kiosks for companies like IBM and AT&T. In fact, I had a wonderful experience serving as a Senior Web Designer at AT&T. Currently, I am the Creative Director of Hubbard Digital Corporation, a visual and information technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia. You can visit me online at www.thomashubbard.net or www.hubbarddigital.com

Rita: Those are some pretty impressive clients, but do you build simple websites for writers (or others) who want to develop a presence online?

Thomas: I’m happy to build sites for whoever wants them. Here are some links to samples of my work.

• For Web Design

• For Graphic Design

Rita: Can you give me an idea of the website development packages you offer?

Thomas: Again, it depends on what you want for your site. Here’s a link to my quote page where you can order your features a la carte: http://www.thomashubbard.net/freequote/

Rita: What’s your payment method, and how can writers contact you?

I prefer payment via PayPal. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it allows me to get started on the website without delay, instead of waiting for a check to clear. There’s a PayPal icon right on my website. Writers can contact me at: www.thomashubbard.net or www.hubbarddigital.com. Just find the “Contact Me” link on either site.

Thanks so much for your time and generosity.

Thomas: My pleasure, as always. Mom.

Well, everybody, that’s all for Part 6 everyone. Remember, you can reach Thomas at: http://www.thomashubbard.net/home-thomas-hubbard.php

Be sure to tune in next time for Part 7, Thomas’ Tips in a nutshell.

Best wishes and happy writing!

Rita Lorraine

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