Web for Writers 101, Part 3 – Does “Color” Matter in Your Website

Posted by Rita Lorraine

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for checking back in for the Web for Writers 101 articles. Today we present Part 3, Does “Color” Matter in Your Website?


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Web for Writers 101, Part 3 – Does “Color” Matter in Your Website

Rita: Hi Thomas, glad you’re back. We’re ready with our questions.

Fire away.

Rita: Okay, here’s one I hear all the time. Do color schemes matter on your website?

Thomas: Color is very, very important. And it’s not that a color is “right or wrong,” it’s just that a concept either works, or it doesn’t.

Rita: Can you elaborate?

Thomas: Yes. The first rule is to avoid clashing colors. Colors that clash not only hurt your eyes, they raise a huge, red flag that screams, “Hey everybody, I’m an unprofessional amatuer just trying to make it happen!” Clashing colors are also a quick way to chase off your audience and potential users. If you’re going to produce your own website, the best thing to do is purchase an art book and study the theory of color first. You might also think about purchasing software that will help you to match colors.

TIP #4 – Color is very important; either a color works, or it doesn’t. Avoid clashing colors that scream, “I’m an unprofessional amateur trying to make it happen!”

Rita: Thanks for sharing this tidbit! Speaking as a person who’s horrible with colors, I’d hate to think of the people I would lose simply because I’m bad at matching colors.

Thomas: We want to draw users, not lose them, so color is very important. And that brings us to the next concept: Less is more. If you’re new to design, never use more than three colors. Three colors or less is always a safe bet.

TIP #5 – Less is more. If you’re new to design, using no more than three colors is always a safe bet.

Rita: That’s good to know.

Thomas: As you decide on your colors, try to think about which colors represent you best. For example, if you write horror you’ll probably want to use dark colors, like blue and black. If all else fails and you discover that color is a challenge for you, go with a completely white backdrop, black text, and let your photos and graphics “do the coloring.” Better safe than sorry!

TIP #6 – If all else fails, go with a completely white blackdrop, black text, and great photos or graphics that “do the coloring” for you.

Well, that’s all for Part 3 everyone. Be sure to tune in next time for Part 4, “Do-It-Yourself” Web Design programs!

Remember, you can reach Thomas at: http://www.thomashubbard.net/home-thomas-hubbard.php

Best wishes and happy writing!

Rita Lorraine

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