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Hi Everybody!

Are you looking for some toe-tapping, hand-clapping, hip-moving fun for your little one? If so, you’ve just got to buy this book!

Now…For My Next Number!, by author Margaret Park, is sure to get everybody up and moving–even the adults! Sprinkled with the exuberant and colorful illustrations of Sophia Esterman, Now…For My Next Number! comes with its own music CD that sings along with the text. Together, the book and CD serve up catchy rhymns and tunes that will have children moving to the beat as they memorize their multiplication tables.

I must admit, listening to the funny and diverse music on the CD took me back to those good old days when Sesame Street graced the television screen (yes, I watched Sesame Street…up to the day I turned 18…and I’m proud of it!), when even the unassuming “Letter I” was honored with it’s very own song.

This is a cute, funny, toe-tapping addition to any elementary math classroom or personal library. Don’t miss out!

Happy dancing (and multiplying!),

Rita Lorraine

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