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Hi Everyone,

As promised, I’m stopping by to tell you about a wonderful resource for writers. It’s called The Children’s Writers & Illustrators Message Board—or the Blueboard, for short…and I’m bringing it to you just in time for Christmas!

Have a Blue Christmas!

What is the Blueboard? It’s a website for writers that has been around since September 1, 2003. It is the brainchild of author Verla Kay, a historical picture book writer from Washington State. Verla’s Blueboard currently boasts over 2,000 registered members, and between 900,000 and 1,000,000 hits per month since 2007!

Those facts being known, there’s really no reason why you—as a writer—shouldn’t have already heard about Verla’s Blueboard. But in case you’ve haven’t, I’m here to fill you in.

Verla Kay’s Blueboard has everything, and I do mean EVERTYHING for the aspiring writer. The following list is only a portion of the writing treasures you’ll find there:

1. A FAQ Board which Includes facts about the craft of writing, including manuscript formatting, agent search links, and work-for-hire information.

2. The Genre Board breaks down comments, questions and conversations pertaining to the various genres. There are threads for genres like graphic novels, magazines and periodicals; mid-grade and chapter books; historical fiction, nonfiction, picture books…even script writing! Whatever your question or comment, you’re sure to find an answer here.

3. The Author/Illustrator News Board is the place where writers can post good news, stinky news, blog news, and any other news in-between.

4. The URL’s Board is where children’s illustrators and writers can freely promote their websites and/or their work. Verla only asks that the material they post be suitable for children.

5. There’s even an Off Topic Board where writers can post things that don’t fit into the other writing community boards. This includes fun stuff and silly stuff, if you’re one of those funny, silly writers who see the humor in everything.

The above list is just a sampling of what you’ll get when you visit Verla Kay’s Blueboard. Aspiring writers, established writers, agents, editors and publishers alike frequent this website. You can log on and lurk, or you can speak up and ask any question you like—even if you think it’s silly. Someone is always willing to pop by and answer your question, and there’s no flaming, either, because Verla makes sure of it!

The Blueboard makes a wonderful gift this Christmas, doesn’t it? It has everything a writer needs to help hone the craft, and it’s very inexpensive. In fact, registration is FREE. But the very best thing about the Blueboard is, you don’t have to wait for someone else to give it to you. You can give it to yourself!

So why not do that? Just click on the following link and register for Verla’s Blueboard. You’ll be glad you did.


Best wishes and happy Blueboarding!

Rita Lorraine

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